10th anniversary of the death of the writer Graciela Cabal

In 2004, a few days after her death, her family received Konex, Diploma of Merit in Literature Discipline Children

She is a key figure in children's literature of the twentieth century in Argentina. Brave writer when choosing topics, her narrative style relies on colloquial spoken language of the River Plate, without losing universality. . In all her work is noted concern for the promotion of reading and the role of women. Even in his adult novels, "Family Secrets" and "Dad's ashes."

She was also stand out as a journalist, teacher and editor

She was a teacher. Graduated from the UBA, Career Lyrics and student of Jorge Luis Borges.

she worked in the Publishing Center publishing of Latin America, as secretary of numerous collections of writing in it. she also did scriptwriter work, for example in the first cycle of the television atapa the 70, Secret in Argentina.

President of Alija 1993-1995. Co-founder and co-director of the magazine La Mancha between 1996 and 1998. She coordinated various workshops and projects to promote reading, both in terms of national and local government. In 2004 she won the Prix Konex - Merit Diploma in Children's Literature discipline.

Part of her work has been included in numerous anthologies. some of her works were translated into Portuguese, Basque, Catalan and Galician.

Coordinated workshops for the National Book programs "Reading is growing" and "authors visit the school", and reading workshops "Let's read together," "Women and Writing", "Buenos Aires Open Book "," Count Christmas "and others of the General Municipal Library.

Through the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, Universities and Ministries of Culture of the provinces she traveled extensively to give lectures, seminars and workshops and participate in round mensas with writers, teachers and librarians. She was invited to international meetings and conferences. The prevailing themes in her seminars and workshops addressing sexism in literature, fairy tales and the media, the image of women in reading books, creative process, the reader profile and the task of mediators

In her capacity as President of the Association of Children's Literature of Argentina (Alija) between 1993 and 1995, she devoted her best efforts to travel the country, working with teachers and librarians and ensuring the dissemination of good reading among children and youth. During her tenure over forty school libraries were founded.

As a storyteller, she participated in four International Storytelling Meetings organized by The Book Foundation, at the First National Storytelling Festival and the First Days of Reflection on Contemporary Storyteller Training organized by SERCA in 1998.


I was born many years (sixty four) ago in Barracas, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Since I was tall like a short bank I tell stories invented by me. And then when my mom taught me to read and write, I wrote those stories in a little notebook that I had. So I was always a writer. I studied to be a teacher and later entered the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, because I knew there would have to walk between books, which is what I like. I went puppeteer, worked in schools and publishing and writing scripts. Now I have published more than seventy books for children and adults (I have more books than years). I travel a lot for our country and others (thankfully invite me to tell them stories and tell them about books). And one of the things that makes me proud is that I founded and still founding libraries (several bear my name, ha). In addition to the stack of awards I received, ha ha.

Some of my books: Fear, Batata, Family Secrets, Blue. For Alfaguara and Santillana publising I wrote: Tommy, Tommy and words; Tommy meets two; What a surprise Tommy, Tommy goes to the garden; Barbapedro and others; Stories with Witches, My Friend the King, Hiccups and Lives of story.

I have a very old house full of books and pictures and dolls and garden gnomes and angels and witches of truth and lie. I have a piano that sounds alone and many plants. I have an old and deaf cat. And I have a flowery terrace with thrushes and benteveos come to eat my old lady cat's food. Also I have a husband, always the same. And three grown children and several grandchildren at home but come to visit and play with my toys. And I have so many friends, with whom we do costume parties. You know what? I'm happy with my life. It's a nice life.

Graciela Beatriz Cabal


1977 - Jacinto

1985 - Boy Things I (Next to Graciela Montes)

1985 - Boy Things II (Next to Graciela Montes)

1985 - Things Boy III (Next to Graciela Montes)

1986 - What are the laws for?

1986 - Why Argentina is a Republic?

1986 - What's in Congress?

1986 - The Constitution is a serious thing

1986 - Learn how to vote

1986 - Who rules the city?

1986 - The right to learn

1986 - The rights of women

1986 - The needs of all.

1987 - Barbapedro

1988 - The Lady Straightener

1988 - Cats were before

1988 - Friends of the critters and plants (How an ecosystem works)

1988 - The life of plants (food producers)

1988 - The life of animals (food consumers)

1988 - S.O.S. Planet in Peril (Man vs. Nature)

1989 - A leap into the void

1990 - History for girls and puppies

1990 - Tickle the navel

1990 - The two turtles

1990 - Caring for the Earth (The man in favor of Nature)

1991 - Carlitos Gardel

1991 - Stories with Witches

1991 - Tales of fear, love and laughter

1992 - Papanuel

1992 - Doña Martina

1992 - The Rositas

1992 - Between fairies and witches

1992 - Little Women What were before? Sexism in children's books

1993 - hiccups and another fairy laughter

1993 - Tales with virgins and saints

1993 - Tommy
1993 - Tommy and the words

1993 - Tommy has two

1994 - The Angel Gang

1994 - Easter eggs

1994 - Woman of easy virtue

1994 - Fantasy

1995 - Family Secrets

1995 - Cartoon love

1995 - My Friend the King

1997 - The Bible, told by Graciela Cabal.

1997 - Fear

1997 - San Francisco, the violin

1997 - Barbapedro and others

1997 - Toby

1997 - Shawls and couplets.

1998 - Little Women was obtained before and other writings

1998 - Batata

1999 - Stories with Witches

1999 - The Lady Straightener and a fairy tale but not that much

1999 - The Fairy Glow in the Dark

1999 - The Ecoamigos go on safari

1999 - A major network

1999 - The life of plants

1999 - The life of animals. Consumers.

1999 - S.O.S: Planet in danger. Man against nature.

1999 - Caring for the land. The man in favor of nature.

She was invited to participate as a judge in various literary competitions as well as being a lecturer at home and in international events.

1990 - Second Prize Youth Novel, by The Rositas.

1991 - Alija Gaza, in the category "Best books published this year," Carlitos Gardel.

1995 - Honor Roll Award Alija in category "Text" by Tommy.

1994 - Honor Roll of Children's Literature in the municipality of San Miguel de Tucumán, for Newsies Angel Award.

1995 - Honor Roll of Children's Literature in the municipality of San Miguel de Tucumán, for love Cartoon Award.

1997 - Finalist of the Latin American Award for Children's Literature Norma-Fundalectura for Toby.

1997 - Painting Prize of Honor of Children's Literature in the municipality of San Miguel de Tucumán, by Barbapedro and others.

1999 -. "Highlights of Alija" under "Text", by Toby Award

1999 - Special Award "Ricardo Rojas", the novel family secrets.

2004 - Konex Award - Merit Diploma in Children's Literature discipline.

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