Malvinas: Uruguay negotiated rapprochement with the Kelpers

The Malvinas are a "great opportunity" for Uruguay, according to one of the representative who traveled to the islands

In recent days the rope of the relationship between Argentina and Uruguay strained further following the trip that a group of Uruguayan lawmakers to the Malvinas Islands. Members Jaime Trobo, Daniel Malana, Fitzgerald Cantero Posada and Ivan traveled to the Islands and there spoke with representatives of kelpers to whom they pledged to work to unite trade ties.

The idea is to launch a weekly flight that in two hours can connect the Malvinas and Montevideo; charrúas export products and health and tourism agreements. The trip was planned and funded by the British authorities.

The government of José Mujica made ​​it clear that it is a parliamentary initiative and that his government does not sponsor a rapprochement with the inhabitants of the archipelago. However, the government deputy Jorge Pozzi said "that Uruguay deepen relationship with the islands does not affect Argentina's claim."

A trade effects, the idea is to increase sales of Uruguayan products because of total imports is only 4% of that origin.Also according to the legislator Jaime Trobo islanders want to cut dependence on the UK.

On the Labour opens an interesting market, so far there are 300 Chilean citizens working in the oil industry, and no proposal to add Uruguayan hand work.

As for the flight, a connection via Montevideo is very advantageous for kelpers. Currently have connection via chile and the flight lasts 10 hours, plus there are constraints imposed by Argentina fly over the airspace. If realized often only take two and a half hours to reach the island continent.

Mujica's government does not want this delegation that went to Falkland be interpreted as a change of attitude towards the Argentine claim of sovereignty, but as it turned out in Buenos Aires not sit well this approach.