The beautiful tourist landscapes of Korea in the Chuncheon train

Gangchon, near of Chuncheon, is a famous destiny for being the favourite place for university students’ getaway

A very good option to do an autumn getaway is a trip in the ITX Cheongchun line: a nice way for seeing foliage and get away from Seúl for the weekend.

This high speed train takes its passengers quickly to Chuncheon, Gangwon-do (province of Gangwon) in a bit more than an hour.

It’s the only train in Korea that has a second floor, which makes this trip even more interesting and the traveller can enjoy interesting views. The tourist who wish to enjoy of the autumn folliage and the limpid blue skies, must not miss a tour in the ITX train.

Put into service in february 2012, the new ITX trains can reach speeds of 180km per hour. After high speed KTX train, the ITX are the fastest trains in Korea. There are departures after every hour and the trains leaves from Yongsan, Cheongnyangni, Pyeongnae-Hopyeong, Gapyeong and Namchuncheon, with Chuncheon as destiny. The trains make stop in Wangshimni, Gangchon, Cheongpyeong and Maseok stations. ITX is the of “Tren Express Interciudad”. Cheongchu means “a young man full with dreams and pasión”. The trains count with 324 seats and 60 folding seats, as well as bicycle carrier, a baby room and sockets in each seat.