The “HOT” secretary of president Mujica posed nude

Her career started in Presidency in 2002, in Jorge Battle's mandate

Fabiana Leis, 33, is the secretary of the Uruguayan President Pepe Mujica. Besides working near the president, Leis is model and in her CV appears the "Feyvi Girl" achievement, which is like being in Cola Reef in Argentina, explained in an interview with the magazine Noticias.

It started in the library and then went to the Department of General Services. Her career as a model hit a big jump when she became "Girl Feyvi"-the face of a known supplier of auto parts in Uruguay, and posed nude for a calendar that was furor.

The president's secretary showed her most "hot" side in a photo production for Interviú magazine

In the interview she confessed that she "would love to" pole dance in the Marcelo Tinelli's program.

"It is a landmark, is a magician who touches you with his magic wand and make your career explode. Problem is I cannot leave my job ... But, who would not like to be beside Tinelli?" Leis explained as Infobae account.

Her chance to get to the Argentine show came when Carmen Barbieri wanted her for one of his stage shows: "A couple of years ago, I did a casting for Carmen Barbieri and said 'I was enchanted, you serve me for half vedette'. the problem is that for girls starting out, the pay is very little and I would have to leave my carerra in office, and rent an apartment in Buenos Aires. at my age I have to think very well and it have to serve me, I can not go to try their luck. so in the end I ended up rejecting the offer. "