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Antonio Ledezma: The Venezuelan politician is one of the strongest and most active opposition figures since the first government of Hugo Chávez and has denounced the incongruities of his successor Nicolás Maduro. In addition, he participated, before being imprisoned, in numerous demonstrations that in some cases were settled with institutional repression.

Antonio Ledezma escapes from Venezuela and arrives in Colombia

Ledezma, who was under house arrest without being subjected to trial, offered an interview with Radio Caracol from Colombia, said he will not stop fighting for political prisoners in Venezuela and confirmed that he will go to a European country from where he will start a pilgrimage around the world. Ledezma said...

This Sunday 19 Chileans elect successor to the center left Michelle Bachelet.

Elections in Chile: Piñera is favorite to succeed Bachelet

This Sunday 19 Chileans elect successor to the center left Michelle Bachelet. These elections, in which new congressmen and regional councilors will also be elected, take place in a context of unprecedented...

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